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Monday, February 7, 2011

Books that I have read:

Grade 9 Up–Samantha Madison is back. She is still a semi-celebrity for saving the president's life and she is still dating his son. She is faced with a huge dilemma when it appears that she not only condemns the president's new Return to Family policy, but also implies that she has slept with David. The ensuing consequences and Samantha's conflicted feelings about sex provide drama. A subplot involves Lucy, Samantha's older sister, falling for her nerdy math tutor, who does not return her feelings. This is a surprisingly political book with a positive attitude about sex. The themes are more mature than those of The Princess Diaries series. Samantha writes frequent top-10 lists, such as Top ten things that suck about being the sister of the most popular girl in school. Teen sexuality and honesty about protection, awkwardness, and masturbation are handled in a humorous and sensitive manner. The characters are real, witty, and relatable, and the author has an ear for teen dialogue. Some more conservative areas and school libraries might give pause, but the book is funny, smart, well paced, and honest.–Amy Patrick, New York Public Library
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Mr. Hyde was fit to be tied! Rugged Austin Hyde was up to his brawny biceps in a bizarre situation. His mad scientist brother had gone and appropriated Austin's "assets" to impregnate a tycoon's widow at his fertility clinic. Worse, rumor had it that the elegant Candice VanAusdale might be making a baby simply to inherit big bucks-without having a clue the kid would be his! Mr. Hyde was fit to be tied, but not tied down by a web of lies. Yet how to untangle "Dr. Jekyll's " deception? Clearly Austin had to go undercover. Invade Candice's isolation. Get close enough to the breathtaking blonde to see for himself what the woman was made of. Hiring on as her handyman seemed the perfect solution. Trouble was, the bashful beleaguered beauty unleashed Austin's every possessive male instinct. And soon he ached to make both mother and child his own. Blast! How dare "Dr. Jekyll" domesticate Mr. Hyde?

Pretty, but penniless, Helen Frayne vows to do anything to keep her ancestral home, but she doesn't realize just how far she'll have to go....
Arrogant Frenchman and millionaire property magnate Marc Delaroche wants Helen as he's never wanted a woman before. He's certain she will sell herself to keep her precious home, and he's soon proved right when she agrees to become his wife--of convenience.
But it seems Marc has no intention of honoring his side of the bargain. He's demanding all of his marital rights!

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