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Friday, February 11, 2011

Update on previous books!

The Chemistry of Death by Simon Beckett(Book 1)

Three years ago, forensics expert David Hunter abandoned his old life after a tragedy nearly destroyed him. Now working as a doctor in a remote Norfolk Village, he believes he's left his past behind.

But then they find what's left of Sally Palmer

The body has been savagely mutilated. The police need Hunter's expertise to find the killer, but he is desperate to remain uninvolved. Then a second woman disappears and the close-knit community that had been Hunter's refuge becomes a maelstrom of fear and paranoia. No one is exempt from suspicion. Suddenly, there is no place to hide...

Written in Bone by Simon Beckett(Book 2)

"Written in Bone," brings back forensic anthropologist David Hunter, an intelligent, dedicated, and compassionate scientist who takes his job so seriously that his girlfriend is rapidly becoming exasperated with him. Since the deaths of his wife and child, Hunter has become obsessed with giving each victim entrusted to his care an identity and a measure of justice. This time, Hunter is sent to a secluded island named Runa, in the Outer Hebrides. His task is to examine an unidentified body that was left partially burned in an undamaged cottage. Was the death an accident, suicide, or murder? If it was murder, why was the body exposed for anyone to find? Assisting Hunter are a drunken and incompetent police sergeant, a rookie constable, and a retired detective inspector. Hunter is chagrined when a horrific storm blows through Runa, cutting the island off from the mainland; no reinforcements will be arriving anytime soon.

Whisper of the dead by Simon Beckett(Book 3)

Forensic anthropologist Dr. David Hunter still recovering mentally from his near death experience (see WRITTEN IN BONE) decides to leave his London home to spend time at Tennessee's renowned Body Farm where his mentor Tom Lieberman is the director. Tom asks David to assist him on a particularly diabolical murder in a nearby cabin in the Smoky Mountains. David hesitates as he has doubts about his skills in reading the CHEMISTRY OF DEATH following his recent Scottish fiasco, but reluctantly agrees.

The fascination in this gruesome murder is the culprit’s understanding of forensics; the killer made sure the entire crime scene left nothing that the death readers could interpret. The investigation turns personal when team profiler Alex Irving is abducted most likely by the same predator. David concludes a brilliant serial killer is targeting the investigative team with booby trapped corpses, body exchanges, and redoing the homicide scenes to give wrong data. Now this lethal forensic expert chooses to hunt Hunter.

This is a terrific forensic investigative thriller starring a hero who struggles with confidence as his last case still haunts his psyche and a cold blooded killer who seems to know forensic science as well as the police experts do. Throughout the fast-paced story line, the culprit provides small insights to the schemes to kill and fool the investigators. Thus when Hunter becomes the focus, the super plot spins into a cat and mouse game in which Vegas will place the killer as the prohibited favorite. Filled with suspense, WHISPERS OF THE DEAD is a fabulous entry as David gets a rude welcoming to America.

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