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Monday, February 7, 2011

Currently reading...

Hey Guys! I'm currently reading 'Sharing Sam' by Katherine Applegate. It is a really good book and I am currently on page 39.

Grade 8-11?Alison Chapman is a sensitive, intelligent high-school junior in Sarasota, Florida. Sam Cody is the new boy at school?mysterious and good-looking. Alison finds him even more attractive after she rescues him from a minor motorcycle accident. Her best friend Izzy has also fallen for Sam, however, and the situation becomes complicated when Izzy is diagnosed with brain cancer. Alison decides that Izzy should be happy the last few months of her life and convinces Sam to be Izzy's boyfriend. Sam is clearly interested in Alison, but reluctantly goes along with the "sharing" idea. What starts out as a typical YA love story turns into a poignant tale about friendship and first love. Characterizations are well done?Alison is believable and likable; Izzy is brave and endearing; Sam is complicated, but caring. Applegate has written a good alternative to the "Sweet Valley High" series and Janet Quin-Harkin's books. An above-average romance with a well-developed plot.?Judy R. Johnston, Auburn High School, WA
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